Who is
Blue Fox

Blue Fox was founded in 2013 by Lisa Fischer (she/her) and Carine Koleilat (they/them) who saw the need to differentiate from post-production houses that mainly focus on technical aspects and offer clients something better still… They wanted to create an accessible and inclusive space in which creative ideas can grow and boundaries can be pushed.

Today, Blue Fox Studios is the only womxn-led and founded creative post-production house in London and Dubai.

As well as providing post-production services, the studio runs workshops in all areas of post-production. These are not only a perfect opportunity to give back and pass on experience and expertise but also to help build an ever-expanding hub of creative people to collaborate with.

Who is Blue Fox


It’s a question we’re often asked.

The idea behind our name came about for two reasons.

One, because, like a blueprint, we see an idea as a foundation from which a story can come together and come to life. And two, because a fox is smart, curious and believed to have mystical powers.

We see post-production as a process that’s creative and powerful yet highly technical too. It’s also an experience. It’s the feeling of entering our studio facilities, sitting on a comfy sofa in a dimly lit room while drinking a good cup of your choice, and seeing your film come together for the first time ever on a big screen.

Post-production is where imagination meets reality. Blue Fox Studios is where both worlds come together.
We let dreams grow and make them come true.

Blue Fox